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First, thank you for taking the time to read this message as it provides integral insight to the philosophy of FDC. Quite simply, the subcontractors and suppliers are the backbone and strength of the construction industry. No matter how strong a General Contractor, even with vast experience, top computer controls and scheduling skills, a General Contractor will not be successful without the contribution of the subcontractors and suppliers on the team.

It is the responsibility of the General Contractor to allow the subcontractor an opportunity to do your work productively and cost effectively. We must clear the trades in front of you as well as keep you clear from the following trades. We believe each of you fully intend to do quality work. A post review of problems indicate most result from a lack of pre-planning, a procurement issue, poor access, unclean work areas, etc. We need to help you through these types of things in advance so you can come out and perform.

We believe in obtaining as much input from the subcontractor as possible in preparation of our schedules. We have hired you as an expert in your field. We need to pull upon this expertise when we determine material procurement, the proper sequence and the time involved with a quality installation. There must be some give and take among the various trades to make the overall time frame for the project work, but you have to have a reasonable window of time in which to perform your work.

We also understand the burden payroll places on any firm, large or small. The extension of cash required to support labor and material two plus months can be substantial. FDC needs to address any accentuating problems and do everything we can to make sure you are paid as promptly as possible.

We believe strongly in the truth and open communication. The sooner we know about your problems, the sooner we can help. And we hope that works both ways. If we have a problem, we need to let the team know so modifications and adjustments can be made. There is absolutely nothing more important to the construction process than a tem effort.

We have generated a tremendous following with our subcontractors. There is a lot of loyalty and willingness to work with us again. We hope we have earned that attitude and endeavor to always be fair.



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