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Our Pre-Construction Department has over forty years of combined experience in the business. We maintain a data base for projects we have budgeted as well as built. We are constantly monitoring our budgets as they often result in actual projects that generate accurate end cost data. Our database includes commercial, industrial, warehouses, interior finish projects, athletic and sports, and countless religious facilities. We can take very conceptual floor plans and ideas and translate those thoughts into fairly accurate cost budgets. We have often solicited the help of a few major trades to verify our pricing of MEP items, steel, concrete, and other major components. The end result is a budget you can count on and plan your financial obligations around. The budget can then be monitored throughout the balance of the design process.

We can also provide preliminary construction schedules, again for a master plan or for a particular phase. We will identify long-range procurement items, list various components that are driving the cost and often save a great deal of time and money through value engineering.

On our GMP / fixed fee projects and our design build projects, we monitor the design and cost until the establishment of the final GMP budget is set. At each phase of drawing completion, we generate a new budget and identify any variances that have arisen. This allows the owner detailed information concerning issues that enables sound business decisions based on facts.

FDC offers budget analysis of master plans or a particular phase of work free of charge or commitment of the project. We firmly believe that if you take this step, it will not only give you very valuable information, but will also allow you a chance to get to know the FDC team. Once you have worked with us, we feel you will want to give us a chance to compete for your project.



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