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Since FDC's inception, we have been continually active in trying to better our safety record and program. We have participated in the Associated Builder's and Contractors "Safety Training Evaluation Program" / S.T.E.P. for years. In 1999 FDC received the Silver Level of Excellence award. In 2000 and 2001, we received the Gold Level of Excellence. And 2002, through today, FDC has received the highest possible rating of Platinum Level of Excellence.
Since the beginning, FDC HAS NEVER EXPERIENCED A LOSS TIME ACCIDENT, on any project, at any time. We have an extremely low Worker's Comp Modifier and are proud and protective of this record.

All our officers and all operation personnel have received their OSHA 10 hour training program. Many have been through the 30-hour program. Each employee maintains a current First Aid and CPR status at all times.

Safety and MSDS requirements are an integral part of the "Pre-Construction Conference" held with each subcontract prior to their beginning on site. We maintain copies of these programs and MSDS sheets on site for review and assured compliance.

On the moral side, there is no project worth, no quality so desired, no schedule so critical as to be worth hurting a man doing his job. On the business side, there is no single act that can slow down a project, deteriorate moral, or cost more than an accident. Therefore it is painfully obvious that for a multitude of reasons, accidents simply must be eliminated.

We firmly believe pre-planning the work, proper sequence of activities, a clean-organize site, a well informed workforce and constant observation can achieve an accident free project. We have proven it time and again.




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