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We welcome the opportunity to share our references with you upon request. We have an extensive list of developers, building committee chairmen, pastors, architects, subcontractors and owners who are willing to talk to you about FDC, Ltd. Please click on “Contact Us” and let us know what information you need.We can offer the following quotes from various letters we have received on specific projects. _______________________________________________________________________________________________


" . . . . . Your team was excellent . . . the open communication and accessibility to your senior team was greater than I expected . . . our final project reports and invoices have passed the audit of an outside entity with flying colors . . . . you operated with ethics, integrity and honesty throughout . . ."
- Building Chairman, Custer Road United Methodist Church


" I have been extremely impressed with the staff of FDC . . . . the best I have had the pleasure of working with . . . . . I have recommended FDC to my own church for our next expansion . . ."
- Architect, First United Methodist Church Keller


"One of my big anxieties at the start of construction was how responsive would FDC be to our needs . . . . this was reduced to almost zero the first day . . . . extremely responsive to every one of our needs and concerns. He (FDC Superintendent) has been exceptionally sensitive to every problem or potential problem, sometimes working miracles to ensure that everything continued to function at the church"
- Pastor, Custer Road United Methodist


"As an architectural field representative, it has been my pleasure and privilege to work day to day with the FDC team . . . their courtesy and particularly their "can-do" attitude have made our ongoing relationship both pleasant and rewarding . . . I am pleased to offer my unqualified recommendation"
- Architect, several projects


"His (FDC Superintendent) boundless energy has enabled him to oversee the smallest details, often during the late hours of the night . . . . his courteous demeanor and friendliness has enabled him to interact well with my team as well as the other contractors working on the project"
- Commercial Owner, Interior Finish out Project


"Frank and his entire staff have always done what it takes to get the job done, no matter how large or how small, no matter the time of day or night. Their "Can-do" approach to business is exemplary."
- Commercial Owner, Interior Finish Out Projects


"What could have been a stressful two months was actually a very enjoyable experience for us with very smooth transitions between phases. All of this happened because of your leadership and that of your superintendent. You rallied the subcontractors to meet all schedules and deadlines and made our employees feel very special with your concerns for their individual needs and attention to all details"
- Commercial Owner, Interior Finish Out Project


"This project had an impossible completion schedule and had it not been for your diligent efforts leading us through the completion of the design phase and your hands on management of the construction process, the project would not have been completed on time. You made this difficult project one of the best projects I have been associated with . ."
- Developer, Commercial Interior Finish Out


"Your expertise, imagination, ingenuity and perseverance helped complete a job on time where the time allowed by our conditions was barely adequate. Not only did you complete the job on time, it was done properly and with care that achieved the result we planned. In the course of the job, changes were handled cordially and with ease, costs were maintained within our intended scope and your team was the most responsive I've ever worked with on a large construction project."
- Owner, Commercial Interior Finish Out Project


"I would like to take a minute to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be part of the team on the Highway Master Project. I cannot remember a job running this great, especially one of this type. The job was coordinated very well and to a subcontractor that is important. We are also very pleased in the way FDC was very conscientious to safety . . ."
- Subcontractor, Commercial Interior Finish Out Project


"We want to congratulate your firm on the way this project was handled from both the office and the field operations. We all knew the schedule for this project would be very difficult to meet. Coordination was critical but with the work of your company's staff everything seemed to gel so that this project was a successful venture for the contractors involved as well as the tenant."
- Subcontractor, Commercial Interior Finish Out Project




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